The Slices of Light Earrings~Inspiration

Slices of Light Earrings-Were first shared with the world in March of 2010. Launched at the Charleston SC, Cobblestone Quilters Guild show. 100 people confirmed their love of my creations by purchasing them in two days. My very good friend  Ami Simms introduced them on her website in August of 2010.

The earrings where featured in Quilters Newsletter Magazine in March of 2011 under Staff Picks.  Read on for more information of what inspired some of the first earrings- over the years- how things have evolved and where I am going with them now.

From the very beginning the earrings all had girls name- the designs are personal to me- so having a name to call them was important other than- swirly green- leaf inspired design- or worse yet- just a number- fern #2 is just not me- but Darra- oh yes- Darra has a personality all her own..   :).

Every earring/design has a story- below is a sample of some the stories behind a few of the designs that have existed over the years.


HERE’S some of my GIRLS and what Inspired Me 


CAROL was a wonderful floral arrangement of red roses and white spider mums. Her nick name is Christmas Carol- but I think she is perfect to wear with red, green or white ANY time of the  year.


DARRA  is a wild fern that grows along the stand of trees that borders our yard. So simple yet intricate and the texture draws me in often.



JENNIE is wrought iron. I have a love for wrought iron. I do believe if I had been a little bigger and decided a little younger I might like to have learned to make it. I was honored to have met a National Treasure: Phillip Simmons- his wrought iron is in the Smithsonian- and he lived in Charleston SC. I have ALOT of wrought iron pictures…ALOT.


KIM is plumbago. I love to shoot flowers. I can not grow them- but appreciate them wherever they are!!!



NAN  is a yellow day lily shot at dusk- with a flash- causing the extreme brown shadow you see. She is now famous- and thinks she’s prettier than her sisters because she was featured with Vicki in the Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine Review.


SAMANTHA began on the back of a boat in the Charleston Harbor. I was invited to watch them blow  up one of the older bridges that crossed the harbor.(YEP dynamite and everything) In its place a wonderful new bridge had already been built. What caught my eye was the American Flag waving from the back of the boat as we headed for the marina.


 TIFFANY is my virtual creation completely designed on the computer. No camera involved. I created the multi-color background in Corel Paint. I then  virtually reverse appliqued a vine with leaf design over it and manipulated it.


VICKI- was created in my studio as a result of playing with fibers. She is very popular- her and Nan are best friends and as you may already know have been featured with Ami’s Mommys Quilt in the Quilter’s Newletter review of the earrings.


I have done custom earring for the National Quilt Museum, Ami Simms, Ricky Tims.  My personal designs are evolving as is the medium I wish to have them represented on. I am presently selecting the designs that will be moving forward for 2015 for the earrings and  have expanded into working on metal.  Currently my earrings are being sold at the National Quilt Museum, Texas Quilt Museum and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum located at the University of Nebraska. Ricky Tims and Ami Simms also carry earrings created for them by me.

I am looking forward to how my art/photography will continue to grow…..and what it can become next.

Feel free to contact me at : if you have any questions.


3 Responses to The Slices of Light Earrings~Inspiration

  1. I’m wild about your earings..Myfiends who know me know this is the gift for me
    everytime i wear them, I get completements

    keep up the wonderful work

    • peghoward says:

      Thanks so much Janet for your comment- I love hearing from ladies that love wearing them…I had not updated the “where you can buy them recently- in case you didnt know already- I have also done earring from Ricky Tims designs and for him exclusively- May I ask where you bought yours? Again- thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a commment- guess I really need to update the blog- doing lots- just not getting it documented.


  2. as you can see I didn’t check my spelling. Oh well so is life
    The reason I have gone to your web site , I got a gift of a pair of your earrings. We go to
    the best Quilt shop in South Carolina, Quilters Cottage, I can’t say enough about them. And
    we have to drive 60 miles one way, We try to go there once every 3 months.
    My quilting friends think it is a hoot that I am wild about your earrings as I wear almost no

    keep on creating and good health to you and yours

    janet fahey

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