About Peg Howard

I am a Creative.

I LOVE, love, love color, my camera(s), my computer(s), my studio(s) filled with a world of components, tools and inspiration. I love the artful life. I love exploring possibilities. I think big-but ultimately end up working in a small format. I am at the core a designer-a title I like to twist to “creative explorer”or better yet–“Explorer of Creativity”better suits me. I fancy my self an “Imaginationist”.

Exploring Creativity has taken me down many roads and many mediums over many years. While I currently create a lot of my design on the computer from photographs I have taken- I am equally comfortable in the completely tangible realm of physically making art- fiber, paint, beads, etc. At the end of the day- I derive joy from creations that can be viewed on the screen or held in your hand. Today’s technologies and expanding and emerging possibilities challenge me to think and design outside the box of where I would be if they were not available and combined together.

In 1992, I had the great fortune of selling my line of hand painted Christmas ornaments to Cracker Barrel.  I hand painted 60,000- yep you read that right—six ohhhh thousand ornament in a period of 18 months over a 3 year time span. Experiencing this kind of success is something most artist and crafters only dream about! I  ended that dream to begin a new one of discovery and wonder and taking the time to play with mediums and the juxtaposition of combining them. During that time- the world of computers in our life and world exploded. I am patient and passionate about creativity- done traditionally or in a medium I might never have dreamed of 22 years ago combing the two excites the artist in me. It is in me to share my joy- so thus I embark on the road again of making things for others to enjoy.

My voice in my art is capturing the light and dancing with the colors- pushing the light and color /pattern or texture till they sing-seeing which one belongs at the visual party I have created and which voice want to be the lead. Though you may have only discovered me today- I have been working diligently building a portfolio of designs and beta testing end uses for the design I have created. I have landed happily in the jewelry world- but look forward in the future to possible soft lines growing from this art.  I have selectively chosen to hide my light for several years as  I designed knowing that the beta testing- would bring me to something bigger in my world to bring to yours. That time is soon- to share with you- my designs dye-sublimated to things YOU can love…..whether its wearing them, using them or sharing them in your world.

I thank you graciously for stopping by and reading more about me- I encourage you to find joy in dancing with color and capturing the light in your lives and seeing the beauty in the simple things in our world.

Always remember-The gold is IN the rainbow- not at the end of it,



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