Incubating is for more than chicken eggs

I do love the term incubating. I do it often with my ideas. Sometimes I press hard into something- and in hindsight- I might-a-should-a-done-it-different. Life itself is a learning process isn’t it. Sometimes- I take it in small bites, slowly, learning, reflecting, testing, thinking what if…then I walk away for a while- to revisit again after some time has passed with fresh thoughts and new eyes.

I incubated the innovative earring idea for over 5 years-doing research along the way- testing, testing, testing, playing, playing, playing. I am proud of where it has gone- it will continue to evolve with some speed bumps here and there. I can produce designs at will and get lost in the flow of it all- The process of image design has become second nature to me. Are all the designs great- nope- but- sometimes you have to sift through the sand to find the gold!!! I do love the design process- and as each finished pair is tucked into packaging, I smile and am grateful for the fact that there are others who enjoy them and appreciate the designs. This endeavor has allowed me to work with other incredible artist along the way , too.  The secret is- the earring components/process were only a part of what I was working on 5 years ago- and they evolved from something else that was incubating.


This other project, research,process has been in the brain for 12 years. Never too far back there.  I have held my cards close to my chest in this case. I have a dreamed of evolving it.  The dream wont go away.

I have worn a  single simple sample- and they ALWAYS get attention…How’d you do that, what did you use-etc etc. now to sit on it a little longer…..its not time- YET.

Till next we greet,

Peg who hopes you have some eggs your sitting on too….

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