Abstract thoughts

As you have probably figured out by now- I allow myself time to PLAY on my computer. There is nothing else in my studio that allows so much color in so little space with no mess. Most of those play times there is no preconceived notion of what I want to do. There are times when I just want to play the what if game. What if I use this filter- or what if I do this?

This is small crop of digital art piece that I revisited at play time-that evolved from something totally different

and it made me happy- in a complicated simple kind of way. When that happens- I dont always remember how I got from A to B- and I guess thats OKAY- I was only playing and that’s what counts- the journey, the joy- and the smile I have at the end when I hit the save button. Do you take time to play?

Now, back to work. I am working diligently with the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative again this year. We are at the final stages of replicating the “Stanley Cup Quilt-Off Celebrity Quilts-Fabulous Quilts..into some wonderful earrings…all to raise money for the cause- raising awareness and funding research for Alzheimers.

Till then

The gold is in the rainbow, not at the end of it.

Peg who says…now go do something fun for you!!

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