I am a color addict.

There I have said it. Now you know-no secrets. My addiction has been fed in many forms over the years- fabric, beads, paper, paint, fibers, buttons, – you name it- its here somewhere in Studio A—pronounced- Studio EHHHHH-or possibly has been moved to Studio B—pronounced Studio Be.  These last couple years- I have attempted to wean myself from acquiring  more   of the consumables- all those things listed above. Has that stopped my addiction. NOPE. I have instead transferred that all consuming need to feed it with my computers paint pallette and my camera. I have allowed myself the pleasure to play with color every day. Sometimes its only 10 minutes. Last night I lost 4 hours playing. It was glorious. I loved every minute of it. I have thoughts and plans for some of the end results. Whether they come to fruition or not- It WAS joy- pure joy to play.

At times like that I start with simple color- layered- marks made- taking thoughts and processes from others who may screenprint, stamp or dye their own fabric. I take my steps more out of intuition. I sometimes have no real idea- how I got to the end results- I get lost in the process.  When it was over- I had 80 files- that I wanted to save – of color—joyful- glorious color.

Hope you find your joy in what ever you do.

Color Addicts Anon will be forming soon- would you care to join me.


Till next-

Remember, the gold is in the rainbow- not at the end of it.


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2 Responses to I am a color addict.

  1. I need to join Color Addicts Anonymous, too … a quick look at my stash or my desk at work (law office) confirms that I love color!

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