Weekend of art and inspiration

I couldn’t keep myself from the paint- the virtual paint that is.

A small edited pc from the larger image.

Couldnt Not Paint Today

While the colors may be heavy- I was able to achieve a flowing lightness to the piece and it has a certain luminosity about it too.  I was glad to have played. May have to see about getting some of this printed to fabric…so I can pet it.  🙂

I visited a Camellia Flower show on Saturday- glorious weather 75 degrees…sorry for those who may be in colder climates.  There were some glorious flowers there too.   I shot 200 images. The town in which I live calls itself the Camellia City- and was the home of a very important person in the camellia “world”. Her name was Betty Sheffield- she has a flower  and several varieties named after her. The judges were honored to have come to her home town to judge this show. Kinda Cool. This was the first show in a long time. While local flowers like mine are not really popping.

I then went to Books A Million and picked up a book I ordered. Chilluly 365 days. Lots of eye candy and an insight into the world of a glass artist.  I will enjoy it!!! over and over again. ( Thanks Mary Beth for the gift card)

As I was coming home- I noticed the gold in the sunlight as it reflected off the building coming through town.  I had my camera with me- and just had to turn around and capture some of it.  Earrings will come from that I am sure. The spanish moss as it hung from the trees was just aglow I tell ya!

It was a GOOD day. Hope you did something you thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.

Remember, the Gold is in the rainbow not at the end of it.


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