A Little Work, A Little Play

Today was a holiday from the “other” job. It was kinda dreary here. Raining all the day long. The work part of the day was editing and choosing what will go into prototypes for a possible custom design job for earrings. I am very excited and honored to be working with this particular designer and find it difficult to limit the choices of what would look great as earrings-but I must.  The work for today was taking and picking the best of about 30 pieces of work and whittling it down to half of that. May not sound like work, but I do a lot of thinking when I am  processing colors, styles and composition. I like comparing them all at once and then I pull out and divide-I track what I have pulled. Then I start the process again. Track my results and do it one more time. After all that color processing and decision-making I just had to rest my brain. I took a nice nap and then thought, its time to play. ( I love color so much- the steps above are more like play than work  😉

I played and the image below was one of the results of that play time.  I came up with this imagery from the single flower picture I posted a few days ago- I like to twist, cut, layer, tweek, enhance  and some times change the color all together. Most times when I do this to my images they are just not a possibility to make into my earrings. I have other plans for the larger worked images( someday) – all the wonderful detail is lost if I only make an earring with it. I file them away for a rainy day- or in todays case I created it on a rainy day. I call these images “big sisters”-Enjoy todays big sis. Clicking it will make it larger.

Remember the gold is IN the rainbow, not at the end of it.


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