A whole new world.

Greetings. 11 months ago I last posted. WELL it would take a week and a day to tell you all that has gone behind me in those days. The most positive and exciting though is why I am back!!!! LOTS of new product, new designs, new thoughts on how I want to share them with the world. My original ultralight earrings have evolved with an addition of a bead and  new shapes and new original art.

My journey deeper into dye sublimation and the jewelry I want to offer you on that material has finally after 2 years ago of talking to “manufacturers” brought creating  pendants into a reality. THAT is very exciting. 🙂  I am doing my first festival in my own home town to share with the public all the new. If your in the area, stop on in to see what all the excitement is about. Quitman, Georgia- October 15, 2016.  Skillet Festival.See ya there??  I’ll be to the right of the courthouse. Here is some eye candy  of designs that are being created for your ears till we greet again.

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Hello again, its me

I’ve not been lost. I have been exploring and creating.  Here are a few creations from my camera, computer and imagination. Slices of light and memories of moments that had to be captured.  Following my passion of pushing my craft……..

Stu Jennifer James the light 2 for a gift     _DSC6421 copyTwirling glow

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Rejection and Acceptance

Update on the submission to Corporate Buyers at BUCKLE, Inc. The submission climbed very high up the corporate ladder. All the way to new product development team.  🙂  They were rejected at this time. ( Back in very early November) It was a GREAT rejection letter.  A REALY GREAT rejection letter. Acknowledging many positive things- with encouragement to continue designing in the format. Also with the note that they will keep my contact information for future consideration and follow the line. So there you know- not now- for Buckle.  😉

Acceptance- into the ARCANUM.  What is that????? More on that to follow.

Till then,

Peg an elf of Christmas now.

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Slices of Light Designer Cuffs Collection Begins….

I BEGAN working on the cuffs in July… but when I stepped into Buckle and picked up the FALL look book- I was so inspired to COMPLETE that first COLLECTION. I am so very excited with this collection- I had to share it with you- and let you see it paired with the look book that inspired me to finish up the FIRST of what will be many collections. Its pure eye candy with no calories.  Wanted ya’ll to know just what I been busy doing. ( My daughter upon seeing the completed collection said- MOM I want one of each of them and the outfits you paired them with, toooo!!and I am not just saying this because YOU made them mom, lol)

There are twelve cuffs to the collection- only 11 on the first page but the steel tower cuff is  the next page.  I love that some of them are so gender neutral!!!! I have had some guys trying on the tree bark and the chimney rock and the tower- and everyone loves the denim seam.

BLB Final Cover A



BLB Final Mens Double A


BLB Page 11 12 A

The collection is very organic- and eclectic. Hidden in the imagery  sublimated on the recycled aluminum cuffs are turkey feathers, saddles, vintage lace, wood, rock, metal, a denim seam from vintage jeans and one of my very favorite sunsets.   Enjoy- and let me know which one is YOUR favorite. They are SOOOO light-so comfortable-and cross fashion trend categories so easily. I have a fashionista friend- Claudra who told me today- “HURRY- I need one of every color. I just want to wear them with everything”-  I better let her at them soon- she told me last week she is gonna have to go out and buy more clothes that go with the one she has she loves wearing it so much.

Being the artist- I of course have  several collections I am working on and wear a cuff  every day. They are so light to wear- and are a very unique accessory. They ARE for sure  eye catchers with many compliments coming their way.  My daughter ( who of course has a few) says she loves the fact she can actually see it on her wrists and she enjoying looking at them as much as wearing them. She also says- she doesnt want them in her jewelry box or a drawer-when she takes them off she wants them out where she can see them…..so working on a display to make that happen. What a blessing to have my creations treasured that way. They begin from my own personal photography or digitally created art. I am beyond excited about the response of people when they see them in person and humbled that they feel attracted to them for the art they were created to be. Most often I hear- WOW- those are SO cool- I’ ve never seen anything like them  🙂 Its been a great adventure so far- and I have barely let the cat out of the bag!!!

Here’s one on a wrist 🙂 This cuff is a digital art piece of a turkey feather and antique tatted trim.

_DSC6540 copy


…. Slices of Light ………..

Capturing light. Enlightening Style.

Created on Recycled Aluminum- yeah!!

Made in the USA- double yeah!!!! Right here in South Georgia!

Disclaimer– I was INSPIRED by the look book-Buckle does not sell them- but they sure would be good looking on your wrist with most of the clothes in the store.  😉  Will keep you posted when and where they will be available. I prefer to put them in shops right now- so if you know of a cool boutique that they might   want to add some whimsy.color,light and unique accessories too- leave me a comment and I will email you!

There are sooooo many more collections to come. 🙂 This is only the beginning. I am so excited with my decision to bring my work to metal.

Thanks for taking a peep. 🙂

Till next we greet,




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Incubating is for more than chicken eggs

I do love the term incubating. I do it often with my ideas. Sometimes I press hard into something- and in hindsight- I might-a-should-a-done-it-different. Life itself is a learning process isn’t it. Sometimes- I take it in small bites, slowly, learning, reflecting, testing, thinking what if…then I walk away for a while- to revisit again after some time has passed with fresh thoughts and new eyes.

I incubated the innovative earring idea for over 5 years-doing research along the way- testing, testing, testing, playing, playing, playing. I am proud of where it has gone- it will continue to evolve with some speed bumps here and there. I can produce designs at will and get lost in the flow of it all- The process of image design has become second nature to me. Are all the designs great- nope- but- sometimes you have to sift through the sand to find the gold!!! I do love the design process- and as each finished pair is tucked into packaging, I smile and am grateful for the fact that there are others who enjoy them and appreciate the designs. This endeavor has allowed me to work with other incredible artist along the way , too.  The secret is- the earring components/process were only a part of what I was working on 5 years ago- and they evolved from something else that was incubating.


This other project, research,process has been in the brain for 12 years. Never too far back there.  I have held my cards close to my chest in this case. I have a dreamed of evolving it.  The dream wont go away.

I have worn a  single simple sample- and they ALWAYS get attention…How’d you do that, what did you use-etc etc. now to sit on it a little longer…..its not time- YET.

Till next we greet,

Peg who hopes you have some eggs your sitting on too….

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Abstract thoughts

As you have probably figured out by now- I allow myself time to PLAY on my computer. There is nothing else in my studio that allows so much color in so little space with no mess. Most of those play times there is no preconceived notion of what I want to do. There are times when I just want to play the what if game. What if I use this filter- or what if I do this?

This is small crop of digital art piece that I revisited at play time-that evolved from something totally different

and it made me happy- in a complicated simple kind of way. When that happens- I dont always remember how I got from A to B- and I guess thats OKAY- I was only playing and that’s what counts- the journey, the joy- and the smile I have at the end when I hit the save button. Do you take time to play?

Now, back to work. I am working diligently with the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative again this year. We are at the final stages of replicating the “Stanley Cup Quilt-Off Celebrity Quilts-Fabulous Quilts..into some wonderful earrings…all to raise money for the cause- raising awareness and funding research for Alzheimers.

Till then

The gold is in the rainbow, not at the end of it.

Peg who says…now go do something fun for you!!

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Paducah 2011 WHAT an adventure

Last week is a week I will remember for a reallllllly long time.

Highlight- was the success of my custom earrings for Caryl Bryer Fallert AND the National Quilt Museum wanting to talk to me!!!!!

NOW how cool was that.  Okay- now off to sleep-

I saw alot of rainbows while I was up there.

Remember the gold is in the rainbow- not at the end of it.


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